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Kane Hall Carillon


University of Washington


Seattle, Washington


New Construction


A unique installation to improve campus continuity.

SHKS began planning and design for a new carillon at the University of Washington in 2009. Following an analysis of multiple sites across campus, the ventilation tower at Kane Hall was selected as the location for a contemporary carillon consisting of 47 bells, a support structure, and a playing cabin. With private funding, new bronze-cast bells were fabricated by the Royal Bellfoundry Petit & Fritsen in the Netherlands. In 2016, SHKS and BN Builders partnered to deliver the project through a Design-Build contract. Close coordination between the contractor and architect to review fabrication and assembly methods prior to construction reduced overall crane time and closure of high-traffic pedestrian areas in Red Square. Finished in 2018, the new carillon structure and bells are clearly visible and audible across a wide area of campus, contributing to the visual and aural character of the campus.


Design & Construction Process

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