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SHKS Architects
Est. 1997

SHKS Architects focuses on building projects that combine contemporary use, community value, and cultural continuity. The practice is recognized as a leader in resource conservation and vitality in the design of highly visible public facilities. We find elegance in necessity, elevating the core principles of each unique site and building project to reflect our clients’ aspirations. Through discovery, collaboration, care, and craft, we reveal architecture’s inherent optimism, contributing to the local community and to the global stewardship of natural and built environments.

SHKS specializes in the program and design of public buildings. The practice is focused on the design of sustainable community buildings and sites, conserving embodied energy, material, cultural resources, habitat, and heritage. In addition to SHKS’s experience providing architectural services and managing public projects, SHKS provides design expertise including interior design services. SHKS Architects is a regional leader in sustaining heritage through building reuse.

Our expertise includes master planning, needs and facilities assessments, site selection and feasibility studies, programming, and architectural design for renovations, additions, and new buildings to transform existing facilities and provide for 21st century community needs.

Adam Hutschreider, AIA, LEED AP, Associate DBIA

Originally from Missouri, Adam received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Kansas State University and moved to the great Pacific Northwest. His professional experience consists of higher education institutions, custom residential, adaptive reuse as well as technically complex commercial buildings. He brings a passion for building reuse and waste reduction to each project by finding ways to salvage materials for new functions. In his free time, he is remodeling his 1916 Craftsman home but also enjoys travelling, photography, and dining at new restaurants in his neighborhood and around the city.

Anastasia Gaddis

Born in Upstate New York, Anastasia was raised in Brooklyn, leading her to an aversion of bad drivers and an appreciation of baked goods. She’s been a bookkeeper after a stint as a baker, caregiver, wine distributor, and home-DIYer. Though her first job was serving (eating) ice cream at Haagen-Dazs, she’s been watching over SHKS’s finances since 2018. Anastasia is predictably testing out cake recipes and unpredictably being the roadie for her husband’s band. She’s got a killer recipe for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which you might be able to nab if you get your timesheet in on time.

Education: Oberlin College – B.A. in American Politics
Awards: Best pound cake her friends have ever had
Notable projects: Yearly yule log cake with meringue mushrooms

Andreas Baatz

Andreas first arrived at SHKS in 2019 after graduating from the University of Washington Architecture Graduate program. Born in Seattle, Andreas was raised in the Northgate neighborhood, leading him to have unexpectedly conflicted emotions on the loss of Northgate Mall. When he first started at SHKS, Andreas expected a ragtag bunch of misfits, but being right for once came as a complete surprise. He’s practiced architecture since returning to the UW for an architecture degree, after a stint as a triathlete-level cycle trainer for manufacturing and testing. Though his first job was a home improvement store lot attendant, he’s been reflexively returning abandoned carts since you left them (you know who you are). Andreas is predictably fascinated by the nature of public space and unpredictably unable to consistently locate Seattle neighborhoods on a map. Andreas will tell you that his greatest extravagance is his painted tabletop miniatures (but between us, it’s actually the unpainted ones.) He’s got a killer recipe for soondubu-jigae, which you might be able to nab if you pinky promise to report on the results. If they were to be reincarnated as an object, they would come back as a wok because of his strong feelings about the poetics of stir frying and the seasoning process.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, B.A. Anthropology and Community, Environment and Planning
Notable projects: Byrd Barr Place, Seattle Public Library University Branch Renovation
SHKS volleyball team position: Setter/would-be hitter
If not an architect, would be: An astronomer


Andy Wiselogle

Born into a creative family with a passion for design and urban planning, Andy was raised in a large box full of LEGOS, leading him to think that architecture was essentially the same as building with a set of little bricks and various minifigures. Though his first job was making sure VHS cassettes were rewound and returned on time at a video store, he’s been producing effective ways of telling design stories in his architecture-adjacent career for over a decade. Following some explorative years of studying architectural practice and its history, he’s been focused on developing diverse marketing and communications materials in the industry since 2011. The most fascinating thing about Andy is his penchant for putting rubber to the road with tires and running shoes — or often both of those things together while traveling. If he were to be reincarnated as an animal, he would come back as an arctic tern because of his strong feelings about great distances, sleeping/eating on an airplane, and longevity.

Education: University of Washington – Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Art History
In the community: Society for Marketing Professional Services, Habitat for Humanity, Sierra Club
Signature happy hour contribution: Droll, topical observations
If not an architectural marketing professional, would be: A screenwriter/filmmaker

Carolyn LeCompte, AIA

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Carolyn was raised by two architects, leading her to live a childhood filled with blueprints on the ping pong table and architectural tours on family vacations. Following the formative years of design education and practice, she’s been living and loving the architecture life since she graduated from the University of Washington’s graduate program in 2013. Carolyn is predictably fond of graphic design and art, and unpredictably into acoustic folk music, bluegrass, and 90’s hip hop. If you’re looking for a concert buddy, she’s in. The most Midwestern thing about Carolyn is her love of Skyline Chili. Ask her what it is. Don’t ask her how much cheese is on it, though don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Miami University – B.A. in Architecture
Notable projects: Central Skagit Sedro-Woolley Library, University of Washington Tateuchi East Asia Library, University of Washington Information School (iSchool), Owen Beach Pavilion, Touchet Library
Signature happy hour contribution: Trying to find coworkers to split a bottle of wine with her
If not an architect, would be: A graphic designer, or marine biologist

Cassidy Zimmerman, AIA, Certified Passive House Consultant

Cassidy first arrived at SHKS reacquainting himself to the forever green of Washington State after a short stint in oppressively sunny Santa Barbara, California. Born with a decent drawing hand, Cassidy was raised by a family of machinists, leading him to first flirt with engineering before realizing architecture had more straight forward math problems and far more sketching potential. He’s practiced architecture since 2005 after a stint racing RC cars poorly and airbrushing RC car shells excellently. (and also getting a masters in architecture at the UW.) After 19 years of practice, architecture is still his first love- especially high-performance residential projects- though games, be they board, or video are probably a close second. Friends compare Cassidy to Calvin (and Hobbes) because of so, so many reasons. Cassidy is predictably skiing on Fridays with his dad during ski season and unpredictably crit-bombing his co-workers when it’s not Fridays during ski season. Ask him about board games. Don’t ask him about the too early cancellation of Netrunner (twice), though (still, and always, too soon). If he were to be reincarnated as an animal, he would comeback as a house cat because of their strong feelings about chaos fueled by 18 hours of sleep a day.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Awards: Several concourse winning RC car bodies and countless first place finishes in MarioKart
Notable projects: PSE Baker River Clubhouse Visitors Center, Washington Park Residence, Sunset Hill DADU, and maybe, eventually, one day, hopefully soon, their own house
SHKS volleyball team position: Estranged cousin
Signature happy hour contribution: Snark
If not an architect, would be: Still probably not an engineer

David Curran, AIA, LEED AP

David first pedaled into SHKS with a vision to meld his zeal for the outdoors with innovative architectural designs. With a degree from Washington State University and a Certificate in Digital Design and Fabrication from the University of Washington, he has enriched SHKS with over twenty years of diverse experience, twelve of which have been spent innovating within its walls. The most eclectic thing about David is his workshop, filled with tools and mountain biking gear, reflecting his dual passions. Friends often compare him to a Swiss Army knife because of his multifaceted skills and readiness for any challenge, whether on a bike trail or in a design meeting.

Education: Washington State University- Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of Washington – Digital Design and Fabrication Certificate
Notable Projects: UW Facilities Training Center, Kane Hall Carillon
SHKS volleyball team position: Outside hitter
Signature happy hour contribution: Consumption
In the community: Volunteer at kids’ school
If not an architect, would be: A carpenter

David Strauss, Ph.D., AIA, LEED AP, Associate DBIA

David’s first week at SHKS involved convincing his partners to purchase a server and another box of Staedtler HB leads, catapulting the practice simultaneously into both the mid-19th and late 20th centuries. Following some focused years of research, writing and practice, David’s been practicing architecture and teaching (design, preservation technology , and theory) since 1994. Though his first job was relocating wheelbarrows of gravel from one pile to another, he’s been more appreciative of tactility, craft, and intellect since college, graduate school, and teaching. After lots of practice, architecture is still his first love- especially collaborations in early design phases- though improvising solutions to unforeseen conditions is probably a close second. The most defining thing about David is a peculiar combination of confidence and doubt.

Education: University of Pennsylvania – Ph. D. in Architecture. Master of Science in Architecture, B.A. in Design of the Environment, University of Washington – Master of Architecture
Notable projects: Magnolia Library Renovation, Ferndale Library, Suzzallo Library
SHKS volleyball team position: Left out for safety
In the community: UW Affiliate faculty, Seattle Public Library Foundation
If not an architect, would be: A mathematician

Edward Snow

Eddie first arrived at SHKS in September of 2019 after giving up three years of bike commuting to Bainbridge Island. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, Eddie was raised in Camden, Maine, eventually leading him to the Pacific Northwest where he started his tireless effort to spend as much time on Puget Sound and in the Cascades and Olympics, his family, and his career in architecture. Though his first job included mowing lawns, raking leaves, and shoveling walkways for his neighbors, he’s been designing as long as he can remember, professionally since 2011. After 12 years of practice, architecture is still his second love – especially residential and smaller community/public projects with a focus on outdoor interaction. His two boys will always hold the #1 spot. Eddie is predictably at SHKS’s office, at home in Magnolia, or out in the Methow Valley, and unpredictably found, riding bikes with his kids around the block, and skiing and hiking in the North Cascades. Eddie will tell you that his greatest extravagance is his down coat and Gore-Tex jacket collection (but between us, it’s actually the amount of time he spends absolutely wrecking his kids in Mario Kart Deluxe). If you’re looking for a day outdoors, he’s always happy to plan a trip and share all his secret PNW spots. If he were to be reincarnated as an object he would come back as a gravel bike because of his strong feelings about traveling, adventure, speed, and getting dirty!

Education: Montana State University – Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Architecture
Notable projects: Rainier Golf and Country Club
SHKS volleyball team position: Cheerleader
If not an architect, would be: A woodworker

Fiona Cahill, AIA

Fiona first arrived at SHKS eager to pivot her design thinking to buildings after practicing urban design and planning in the Bay Area. Following some mostly sunny years honing her design skills around bike and pedestrian infrastructure, she’s been getting into the minutia of accessible design since tackling accessibility upgrades at multiple Seattle Public Libraries around town. The most millennial thing about Fiona is needing to send important emails from a laptop and not her phone. Fiona is predictably an advocate and user of public transportation and bike commuting, and unpredictably always hopes to find a Doris Day parking spot when she drives. She’s got a killer recipe for Bailey’s Irish cream, which you might be able to nab if you promise to share.

Education: University of North Carolina, Charlotte – Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design, Ball State University – Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Notable projects: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport North Satellite Terminal Transit System Employee Screening Project, 5 Seattle Public Library Accessibility Upgrades, Seattle Municipal Tower 25% Consolidation Pilot Program Feasibility Study
SHKS volleyball team position: Any position on the court when not recovering from an ACL tear
In the community: AIA Committee on Homelessness: Nickelsville Kitchen Redesign
If not an architect, would be: A beer brewer

Grady Foster

Grady first arrived at SHKS in 2022 as a summer intern while completing the M. Arch program at the University of Washington. Born in Denver, Grady was raised as an under-valued bench player while attempting to become a volleyball star, leading her to try and capitalize on her sideline cheer skills by later auditioning to be both her college mascot and the Mariners’ mascot. Unfortunately, mascots are silent, and Grady’s miming skills are lacking. Though her first job was teaching golf to children who were too young to stand, let alone swing an iron rod towards her face, Grady’s had a love for design since holding office as president of the architecture club in middle school. Friends often compare Grady to a summer’s day because she is lovely and temperate. That is of course until Gonzaga loses a basketball game. She’s still not over the Baylor loss in 2021. While Grady is predictably rooting for the Zags every winter, she’s unpredictably doing so from the snowshoe trail, with spotty cell service and delayed ESPN updates. If you’re looking for a bedazzled portable Bluetooth karaoke microphone with sick echo effects to bring on your next camping trip, she’ll let you borrow one of hers.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Gonzaga University – Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
Notable projects: The patio covering at the esteemed Pacific Inn Pub
SHKS volleyball team position: Star Player
If not an architect, would be: A paleontologist

Jerad Allen

Jerad first arrived at SHKS looking forward to a more consistent and professional environment after spending four years managing a bustling and complex retail store. Following some exciting, though often stressful years working for a cult leader, corralling employees, and juggling multiple hats, they’ve been overseeing office operations since the pre-pandemic era. The most interesting thing about Jerad is actually their wiener dog Ochoco.

Education: Seattle Pacific University – B.A. Business Administration
Awards: Office Manager of the Year (presented to self from self)
Signature happy hour contribution: Sass with a sprinkle of sarcasm
SHKS volleyball team position: Silent cheerleader

Jonathan Hartung, AIA

Born in in Seattle to a family in the advertising design world, Jonathan was raised in Seattle and on Orcas Island. The family moved to the island after his parents, in a moment of inspiration and lunacy, bought and renovated an aging resort, sparking Jonathan’s interest in construction and architecture. Jonathan first arrived at SHKS in November of 1998 after extended escapades as an architect and builder. His first few weeks at SHKS involved many lunch meetings with his business partners discussing varied approaches to practice and recognizing that conviviality was a basis for practice. After 43 years of practice, architecture remains Jonathan’s first love because of the relationships made and projects completed, followed closely by a slice of apple pie with a cup of coffee. An interesting thing about Jonathan is his obsession with Italy and the movie Taken. If you’re looking for Snickers bars in the Halloween candy bowl, don’t bother — he’s got them at his desk. Jonathan will tell you that his greatest extravagance is travel and food (but between us, it’s actually cordless tools). Friends compare Jonathan to a mongoose for reasons we won’t detail here.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, B.A. in Architecture
Notable projects: A few
Signature happy hour contribution: 16oz Gin and Tonic
If not an architect, would be: A fighter pilot

Jordan Inman, AIA

Born in the suburbs of the Midwest, Jordan was raised surrounded by excessively kind and warm people, leading him to seek refuge in the Pacific Northwest after discovering he actually prefers the socially-passive apathy of the Seattle Freeze. Though his first job was mowing perfectly straight lines in suburban lawns every summer of high school and college, he’s been drafting lines for building designs since finishing graduate school at the UW in 2014. Friends compare Jordan to a good cup of coffee because his outward bitterness is wonderfully balanced by hints of inner sweetness and thoughtful complexity. Ask him about why disc golf is better than ball golf. Don’t ask him how many discs he has, though (he doesn’t want his wife to know the real number).

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Ball State University – Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Notable projects: Seattle Federal Office Building, Western Washington University Carver Labs, Sequim Library
SHKS volleyball team position: When not out on long-term paternity duty, Jordan will be found sprawled out in the grass after sloppily diving for the ball
If not an architect, would be: Veterinarian

Kelly Holman

Kelly first arrived at SHKS eager to have colleagues again after practicing solo through the pandemic. She’s practiced architecture since 2006, after a stint as a cabinetmaker in Ballard. Though her first summer job was driving a forklift and organizing giant boxes of grass seed, she’s been known to daydream about the hot dusty warehouses with vistas of the Palouse hills. The most West Seattle thing about Kelly is her love for Lincoln Park and her amazing neighbors. The most Eastern Washington thing about Kelly is her inability to root against the Cougs despite being a UW graduate and having never attended WSU. If you’re looking for conversation on growing a cut flower garden, favorite garden tools or some great regional farms to source dahlia tubers, she’s always game.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Portland State University – Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Notable projects: Sno911 Emergency Communications Center, The Lodge at St. Edward Park, The Sanctuary, Cascade Evaluation & Treatment Center
In the community: Volunteering at a local elementary school, commitment to seasonal/weekly permitted neighborhood gatherings
If not an architect, would be: A physical therapist or a horticulturist

Kim Lusk

Kim first arrived at SHKS on her toes after a decade of dancing professionally. Raised on Bainbridge Island, she grew up practicing ‘pas de chats’ on her dad’s construction sites, (and painting trim when needed), leading her to be fascinated by both moving and building. After a stint of transforming sheds, bus depots, and sidewalks into performance spaces, she decided to officially infiltrate the world of architecture, and has been with SHKS since 2022. Predictably, Kim is often caught stretching and dancing around the office but is unpredictably clumsy on her e-bike commute from the ferry. Ask her about her current “ferry project”, but be warned, you may get sucked into a new hobby – be it knitting, shape note singing, or restoring chipmunk habitat.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Connecticut College – Bachelor of Arts in Dance
Notable projects: FamilyWorks Wallingford Food Bank
SHKS volleyball team positions: More likely trying to stay out of “the kitchen” on the pickleball court
Signature happy hour contribution: Tutorials on how to do the moonwalk
In the community: Teaching weekly youth ballet classes

Levi Jette, AIA

Levi first arrived at SHKS in July of 2016 after seven years away from Washington. He practiced architecture doing breweries for four years in Colorado after three years in Providence, Rhode Island for graduate school. Levi will tell you that his greatest extravagances are the outdoor movie nights he hosts in the summer (but between us, it’s actually the pizzas he handmakes for those parties). If you’re looking for a sci-fi book recommendation, he’s always happy to lend something off his shelf.

Education: Master of Architecture – Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), University of Washington – Bachelor of Architecture
Notable projects: 15 KCHA Envelope projects, 22 KCHA Elevator Modernizations, Seattle Municipal Tower Locker Room Addition, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport North Satellite Terminal Transit System Employee Screening Project, University Heights Center Elevator Addition, UW School of Social Work Research Commons Renovation
In the community: RISD Alumni Club of Seattle Director
Signature happy hour contribution: Metier Brewing and Bizarre Brewing beers
If not an architect, would be: A board game designer

Matt Frantz, Associate AIA

Matt first arrived at SHKS after years of study at the University of Washington. Born in Southern California, Matt was raised in the suburban sprawl of planned communities and shopping malls leading him to search out new frontiers in the tranquil Pacific Northwest. He’s practiced architecture since 2018 after a short stint of unsuccessful forklift operation did not pan out. Following some exploratory years completing his master’s degree at the UW, he’s been focused on public and commercial projects since 2018. Friends compare Matt to IT advice because sometimes you just need to reboot. Matt will tell you that his greatest extravagance is the mid-afternoon pastry break (but between us, it’s actually the morning pastry and the mid-afternoon pastry break.) If he were to be reincarnated as an object, he would come back as the breakroom coffee maker because of his strong feelings about knowing all the office gossip. If you’re looking for non-judgmental IT advice, he’s your guy (well at least non-judgmental on the outside).

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Lewis and Clark College – Bachelor of Arts in History
Notable projects: Victory Hall, Hatback Bar & Grille and Steelheads Alley, Tukwila Public Works Fleet and Facilities Building
Signature happy hour contribution: Charming wit along with some T-Swift knowledge
If not an architect, would be: A firefighter

Matt Hamel, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Born in Vermont in February, Matt was raised with snowshoes on his feet and maple syrup in his sippy cup, leading him to higher mountains, a pair of second-hand telemark skis, and a sled dog team to explore the Pacific Northwest. The maple syrup persists. Matt first arrived at SHKS in 2018 after spending the prior two decades learning how to look, listen, and learn from a wide variety of archaic building technologies, design philosophies and contextual histories. Though one of his first jobs was archaeological documentation of 5th Century BC Etruscan tombs in Cerveteri, Italy, using a water bottle for a level, he’s been climbing through awkward crawlspaces and attics (and some finely appointed more public spaces) in, and on, some of the PNW’s oldest buildings since 2001. The tools have gotten slightly better, but a lot more expensive. There is always a better headlamp. Following a five month walk from Georgia to Maine where he had plenty of time to question life choices between academia and the real world, he’s been saving the historic PNW one piece of terra cotta at a time. Matt will tell you that his greatest extravagance is history books (but between us, it’s actually the immense supply of materials to recreate tools used in the 1830’s). If you’re looking for a solution, he’s probably got something in his pockets or “go bag” to solve it, or at least poke at it.

Education: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – Bachelor of Science in Building Science, Bachelor of Architecture
Notable projects: Seattle Federal Office Building, Washington State Legislative Building, Bellingham Old City Hall, Frederickson Community Center, Ford and Pacific McKay Reconstruction
SHKS volleyball team position: Always waiting for that windmill/skyhook opportunity
Signature happy hour contribution: I’ll bring the Porter and leave the IPAs for someone else
In the community: Association for Preservation Technology, Scouts BSA
If not an architect, would be: A blacksmith

Matt Inpanbutr, AIA, LEED AP, Associate DBIA

Matt’s first week at SHKS involved helping to prepare for the office’s 10-year anniversary party, an introduction to the office’s culture of casual, community conviviality. Born in Illinois, Matt was raised on a fusion diet of Thai food and Midwest idealism, leading him to study architecture in the Windy City. He’s practiced architecture since 2003 after a brief stint in the dangerous world of floral arrangements for special events, weddings, and hotels. The most Seattle thing about Matt was his foray into urban beekeeping and backyard chickens. Friends compare him to Joey Chestnut because of his endless appetite and affinity for hot dogs (Chicago Style preferred). Ask him about anything NBA. Don’t ask him about his thoughts on the GOAT conversation unless you’re prepared to answer correctly.

Education: Good, not great
Awards: 5th and 6th grade spelling bee champion
Notable projects: Ferndale Library, Bellingham Federal Building, Camano Island Administrative Building, Seattle Public Library Lake City Branch
SHKS volleyball team position: Rooting for the team on the sidelines and playing every position when not on injured reserve
Signature happy hour contribution: Making sure everyone has a drink
In the community: Washington Trust for Historic Preservation and the Seattle Landmarks Board
If not an architect, would be: Restoring old homes

Michael Housley, AIA

Michael first arrived at SHKS completely overdressed with a tie, vest, and topcoat after scoring the coat at a local thrift store and being way too excited to wear it. His first month at SHKS involved laying out scaled pathways from Wright Park Arboretum (Tacoma) in masking tape on a chipboard topography model before applying polyurethane to distinguish the paths from the adjacent landscaping. Born in eastern Tennessee, Michael’s childhood home backed up to a cow farm, leading him to have an odd appreciation for the smell of compost and fresh manure. Since joining SHKS in 2015 after working at a plant nursery and Landscape Architecture firm in Knoxville, Michael has dedicated his architectural career to historic preservation. Everyone acknowledged Michael was born into the wrong century when, as a second grader, his optometrist told him to stop reading books and drawing by candlelight because it was damaging his eyes. He refused to listen (the lure of the flickering flame was too compelling) and subsequently Michael has terrible vision. Michael predictably gets sad towards the end of “The Wizard of Oz”, but unpredictably could care less about Dorothy’s return to Kansas; he would instead prefer if the Wicked Witch (his childhood idol) had not been liquidated so she could reclaim the Ruby Slippers and overtake Oz. If he were to be reincarnated as a bird, he would come back as an American Crow because of his strong feelings about freedom, being inquisitive, and his love for black clothing. If you’re looking for an hourglass (the old school sand dependent way of keeping time), he has over 56 to choose from within the collection he began as a toddler.

Education: University of Tennessee – Bachelor of Architecture
Awards: Dille Award for Best Paper in Architecture History, College of Architecture and Design Faculty Letter of Excellence, Tau Sigma Delta Bronze Medal, Alpha Rho Chi Medal, AIUA Henry Adams Medal, East Tennessee AIA Merit Award, Hnedak Bobo Group Global Award of Design Merit, AIA Middle Tennessee Design Award
Notable projects: The Bush School’s Gracemont Mansion Renovation, Baker River Club House Visitors Center, Fort Nisqually Clerks House, Fremont and Queen Anne Branch Libraries, Historic Whidbey Haller House
Signature happy hour contribution: Water? Ha. Full-time designated driver
In the community: Primary accompanist for the Chapel of St. Ignatius Choir, performing member of Ladies Musical Club of Seattle, and volunteer with Historic Seattle
If not an architect, would be: Restoring native landscapes as a forester while working on a degree in horticultural therapy

Negar Amini

Born in Iran, a different kind of west far away from Pacific Northwest, she first arrived at SHKS living a block away from the office, which made the concept of ‘far’ and ‘close’ key when drawing and setting up floor plans in Revit. Her first year at SHKS involved figuring out how to survive the rain and upgrading her wardrobe to a Seattleite level (with, of course, no umbrellas!) She studied architecture during the pandemic through Zoom and finally got to meet her classmates for the first time at the graduation ceremony. The whole final semester was busy sanitizing groceries in the sink while working towards the final studio project. The most Seattle thing about Negar is her love for hiking and wondering why others do not hike a lot!

Education: North Carolina University – Master of Architecture
Notable projects: Chambers Bay Gold Course Turnstand, V5 Factoria Sudden Impact Volleyball Tenant Improvement
SHKS volleyball team position: Negar showed up one or two times, did a good serve, then disappeared
If not an architect, would be: A painter or an activist

Nelson Martelle, AIA, LEED AP

Nelson first arrived at SHKS on time for his interview but sweated through his shirt after narrowly missing the number 5 bus, necessitating a summer sprint down Fremont Avenue. Nelson continues to appreciate the interviewers looking past the pit stains. Born in Vermont, Nelson was raised to play basement ping pong, leading him to an inflated sense of his own abilities until he encountered real skill one night at the Golden City Bar in Ballard. Though his first job was delivering 300-pound blocks of ice to be (mostly) skillfully carved for weddings and corporate retreats, he’s been enthusiastically striving to imbue his projects with a more enduring yet equally artful craft since 2008. Following many deeply fulfilling and enlightening years in the Seattle office, he has been happily establishing SHKS’s East Coast practice from his hometown of Burlington, Vermont since 2019. Nelson is predictably playing soccer (hopefully for many more years), and unpredictably rolling his weary ankles (which will likely shorten his previous aspiration for “many more years” to “a few”). If he were to be reincarnated as an animal, he would come back as a mountain goat because of his strong feelings about mountain heights. And cloven hooves. If you’re looking for Nelson, he may be re-watching Dick Proenneke’s Alone in the Wilderness in the hopes of one day being able to hand-hew his own wooden barrel hinges.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Middlebury College – Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Notable projects: Seattle Fire Station 18, Gracemont Mansion Renovation at The Bush School, W. W. Seymour Conservatory for Metro Parks Tacoma, Seattle Public Utilities Drainage and Wastewater South Operations Center
SHKS volleyball team position: Outside flubber
Signature happy hour contribution: Awkward segues
In the community: Ward 6 NPA Steering Committee, Greater Burlington Girls Soccer Coach
If not an architect, would be: A builder, capable woodworker, and aspiring metal worker

Pia Westen, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate DBIA

Born in potato Europe, Pia was raised as a rule follower with a flair for mischief, leading her to revel in the opportunity architecture provides to balance pragmatism and play. Following six years studying architecture among the cornfields of the Midwest, she set roots in Seattle after realizing that dining hall corn nuggets disguised as chicken nuggets were a sign her direct nature was made for the Northwest’s no-nonsense character. After a decade of practice, architecture is still her third love – especially projects that coalesce sustainability, community value, and cultural context within a team that’s collaborative, curious, and convivial. The most Middle Millennial thing about her is the disappointment that sweeps across her face when no one picks up on her niche Office references. Pia is predictably finding a note of levity in every moment, and unpredictably waking up at 4 am wondering if that was really the right time to say that thing. If you’re looking for a doubles partner, she’s your girl, but don’t get mad when the double faults pile up; we all have room for improvement.

Education: University of Kansas – Master of Architecture, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies
Notable projects: Central Skagit Sedro-Woolley Library, North Olympic Library System’s Sequim Library, Seattle Public Library’s University Branch, Byrd Barr Place Renovation
SHKS volleyball team position: “Why are you using your feet?” defensive specialist
If not an architect, would be: Writing bad poetry or wondering if she can sell that doodle for money


Sean Kelly, AIA

Born in the Pacific Northwest, Sean was raised alongside his identical twin and creative older brother, leading them to invent a secret language their parents could not detect. He has practiced architecture professionally since 2013 after a stint as a construction manager, and before that, as a night janitor at a ‘haunted’ mountain lodge (guess which one). Sean is predictably a design-nerd, and unpredictably well-adjusted in social settings. Ask him about Skateboarding in the 90’s. Don’t ask him about how it feels to ride a ‘kids toy’ as a full-grown adult. He’s got a killer recipe for homemade Sho Sugi Ban siding, which you might be able to nab if you help him mill it.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Science in Construction Management
Awards: Island County Camano Administration Building’s 2022 American Public Works Association Project of the Year (Structures, $5-25M), 2021 AIA Washington Council Civic Design Merit Award
W.W. Seymour Conservatory Rehabilitation 2023 Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission Excellence in Historic Preservation Award 2022 AIA Washington Council Citation Award
If not an architect, would be: A backcountry snowboard guide

Stephen Trigueiro, AIA

Born in Kirkland but spending his younger years navigating the streets of Seattle on a skateboard, Stephen found an early love for experiencing cities through movement – leading him to pursue degrees in landscape architecture and architecture from the University of Washington. Stephen first arrived at SHKS excited for a change of scale after 7-years of working on large commercial projects and masterplans throughout the Puget Sound region. His first week at SHKS involved learning the least sketchy bike route from West Seattle to Fremont and modeling a state capitol building for a facade restoration – both tasks working mind and body in new and engaging ways. Even with many years in the field, architecture still has his heart – especially projects with complex site and social conditions – though a juicy bit of land-use research always puts a special smile on his face. The most Seattle thing about Stephen is his single-speed bicycle, which he insists is the only way to truly understand the micro-topography of the city – though his sage green Volvo wagon is probably a close second. He will tell you that his greatest extravagance is traveling to other countries to surf (but between us, it’s actually the time and money he spends keeping his geriatric car on the road.) If he were to be reincarnated as an object, he would come back as shoe polish because of his strong feelings surrounding the value of maintenance over excessive consumption. If you’re looking for someone to go on 100-mile bike rides with, he’s your huckleberry.

Education: University of Washington – Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
Awards: University of Washington Husky 100, UW Department of Architecture’s Alpha Rho Chi Award, Landscape Architecture Foundation, University Olmsted Scholar
In the community: Has taught lecture courses and design studios at the University of Washington
If not an architect, would be: Roasting coffee or wrenching on old cars

Suzanne Kraus, AIA

Born in Reno, Nevada, Suzanne moved with her family to the PNW when she was a young child, which left her with an enduring aversion to casinos. Suzanne arrived at SHKS in 2016 after a pilgrimage to Japan to study the work of her favorite architect, Tadao Ando. Her first month at SHKS involved a deep dive into a residential remodel project which fostered a lasting appreciation for the history and character of the Seattle Craftsman home. After nine years of practice, architecture is still her first love – especially developing designs that meet a unique need, like a custom dog wash for an owner’s beloved corgi – though crossing a new country off her lengthy travel bucket list is probably a close second. Suzanne is predictably found reverse engineering her favorite international recipes at home, and unpredictably found pushing the boundaries of human spice tolerance. The most Millennial thing about Suzanne is her numerous carefully curated indie playlists. If she were to be reincarnated as an animal, she would come back as a cat because of her strong feelings about long indulgent naps. If you’re looking for a snowboard or surfing buddy, she will show you how to have a blast without any skills or technical know-how.

Education: University of British Columbia – Master of Architecture, University of Washington – Bachelor of Arts in English and Art
Notable projects: Capitol Hill Anhalt Condominium, Wallingford Attached accessory Dwelling Unit
SHKS volleyball team position: Captain and hydration specialist
If not an architect, would be: A professional dog walker

Theresa Freeman

Born in Portland, Oregon, Theresa was raised working summers at J.A. Freeman & Son with a steady diet of all things related to hay balers, leading her to work anywhere that the dress code wasn’t a free for all of mismatched plaids and wrangler boot cut jeans. Theresa first arrived at SHKS when it was split between Mark Snyder’s attic and Kevin Kane’s basement after Dan Say said “Hey, I know a couple of guys…” She has practiced architecture since completing her professional degree at the University of Oregon after a stint with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. After 35 years of practice, architecture is still her first love – especially projects with close client collaboration and an old building- though pumpkin pancakes with huckleberries are probably a close second. The most mundane thing about Theresa is she really loves being a mom/gramee and hanging out with family. If you’re looking for a riotous game of Around the World, she’s got the ping pong balls.

Education: University of Oregon – Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Awards: AIA Home of Distinction 2022, 2018
Notable projects: The many residential projects, small and large, that make a house a home, and library projects since Librarians are the most selfless clients I’ve ever encountered
SHKS volleyball team position: Dodging Kevin Kane
If not an architect, would be: A Booty Camp Instructor (oh wait- I already did that!)


Stewardship is sustainability

Every project is an opportunity for thoughtfulness toward all moments in a building’s lifespan, including conservation of existing materials and consideration of the building’s future impact. Being good stewards of the environment is essential to us, and we express that value via careful attention to both ecological outcomes and cultural significance.


Progress favors the adaptable

Improvisation is an underrated architectural skill. Oftentimes (especially when working with older buildings) our inventiveness, resourcefulness, and knowledge of craft become valuable tools in formulating clever solutions to inevitable surprises. Adaptable, efficient responses to new information are something we’re proud of doing well.


Elevate the invisible

Engaged caretaking of a structure involves attention to—and mastery of—the deeply technical, functional elements of building. This vital aspect of good architecture isn’t always evident to the eye, despite such systems-thinking playing a significant role in improving performance and longevity. We consider the visible and invisible parts of our work to be equally important.

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We all work for the building

The interests of a building and its site are the uniting concept in our studio. As a result, we’ve built an intentionally low-ego practice with explicit room for many voices to be heard—believing that useful ideas proliferate in a collegial, convivial, and open-minded culture.

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Play is part of work

When we can be ourselves—spirited, passionate, curious, funny, human—it gives us the ability to offer more of ourselves to our work, our co-workers and collaborators, and our clients. Architecture is, at its best, an act of play; we don’t just acknowledge that, we embrace play and bring it to the forefront.