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Embracing the Essential

At SHKS, we intentionally work across many different scales, eras, and project types—finding ourselves equally likely to design small historic renovations and large, innovative new builds. We built this generalist practice—or whole practice, as we like to say—for both practical and human reasons.

The practical explanation is that we believe in the value of broad experience, and we have a collective allergy to a set architectural style when every project is so genuinely different. Working across timescales, programs, and styles gives us a broader lens when making design decisions. We find that this leads to nimbler thinking and stronger, richer solutions.

The human explanation is related and equally important. We became architects because we’re energized by the unknown and ambiguous aspects of the built environment. We chose this profession because that act of “wondering”—listening, exploring, researching, synthesizing, ideating—felt like a gift. Simply put, we are happiest when we have the latitude to follow that instinct. Our studio’s approach reflects that particular joy of beginning without preconceptions.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

We believe that all people should be welcome in all spaces. We are committed to creating environments in our community, our projects, and our practice where everyone is respected, supported, and valued. Through sustained learning and growth, we challenge ourselves to illuminate and change the systems that place higher value on some over others.


We’re looking for people to join the fray; professionals deeply committed to making our client’s places and our own workplace more diverse, more comfortable, and more fun. Our practice cultivates growth at all levels. We support continuing education in architecture and all kinds of related action.

SHKS was formed on the basis of friendship among its founders and friendship still pervades the practice. As a mid-sized practice, everyone knows everyone else in both professional and social ways. Together, we’ll be cleaning up the garden outside; weather provided, we’ll be returning to the volleyball court. In recent years, we’ve helped out Sawhorse Revolution and the Block Project.

We make places to accommodate and enrich people’s lives. That’s how we think about the practice, too. We encourage social, environmental, and professional responsibility and participation: SHKS is a place to grow.

SHKS Architects provides a supportive and creative work environment. We welcome applicants of any sex, race, color, religion, gender identity, physical ability, sexual orientation, age, and other classes protected by law.

To apply, please email your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to There is a 4 MB maximum file size limit.