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Hatback Bar & Grille and Steelheads Alley


FAR Development LLC


Seattle, WA




Award of Merit, Engineering News-Record Northwest Region , 2023


Warmth and richness connect to local baseball history.

SHKS Architects worked with the Seattle Mariners to renovate the previous Pyramid Brewery building, with the goals of offering flexible, year-round gathering spaces for sports fans, providing increased daylight, and addressing the structure’s seismic risk at its site near the waterfront. The responsive design for Hatback Restaurant and Steelheads Alley Brewery was based on the idea of “addition through subtraction,” with existing columns, mezzanines, and walls removed to achieve significant improvements in daylighting and circulation, while substantially reinforcing the building’s historic brick structure. Métier Brewing Company, a community-oriented and Black-owned craft brewery, serves as Steelheads Alley’s resident brewer, where curated memorabilia share stories of the impact that African-American athletes have had in Seattle over the past century. This re-imagined extension of Hatback’s neighboring dining area offers patrons and parties opportunities to learn about these remarkable athletes and their accomplishments. The overall renovation for Hatback and Steelheads Alley creates an integrated, active space in which the public is able to collectively revel in Seattle’s sports history and community traditions.


Hatback Bar & Grille


Hatback Bar & Grille


Steelheads Alley


Steelheads Alley


Steelheads Alley


Steelheads Alley

“You think of Seattle baseball history — you think of Ken Griffey Junior, you think of Edgar Martinez, you might know about the Seattle Pilots. But — would you know that this history goes back further, 130 years? There’s so much about Seattle baseball that we’ve only just started getting exposed to. To be able to see these stories reflected in a physical space, and to take them in —that’s a pretty special thing.”

David Eskenazi, Seattle baseball historian

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