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Sunset Hill DADU




Seattle, Washington


New Construction


Flexibility and durability for a multi-purpose addition.

Overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle’s Sunset Hill neighborhood, this DADU was designed to flexibly evolve to serve a variety of uses for the client over time: initially as a studio and play space with guest space, transitioning into a leasable unit, and eventually to serve as her primary residence after her son moves out on his own. This DADU began as an “urban basecamp” – a compact yet spacious living area above the gear storage to recharge and resupply between outdoor adventures. The addition maximizes its small size by fully engaging the exterior spaces around it, with the open plan allowing for flexible furnishings and access to the outdoor areas. The kitchen and living space make use of rolling toolboxes that can be moved out for various projects and easily replaced with finished cabinets as needs change. A free-standing fireplace, backed by the view to the Sound, provides warmth and ambiance. Simple and durable materials are used with a deliberately limited palate. Whitewashed structure and horizontal boards brighten the space while adding texture and visual interest, creating a cabin feel upstairs with the same durability of the materials downstairs.


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