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SHKS Architects
Est. 1997

SHKS Architects focuses on building projects that combine contemporary use, community value, and cultural continuity. The practice is recognized as a leader in resource conservation and vitality in the design of highly visible public facilities. We find elegance in necessity, elevating the core principles of each unique site and building project to reflect our clients’ aspirations. Through discovery, collaboration, care, and craft, we reveal architecture’s inherent optimism, contributing to the local community and to the global stewardship of natural and built environments.

SHKS specializes in the program and design of public buildings. The practice is focused on the design of sustainable community buildings and sites, conserving embodied energy, material, cultural resources, habitat, and heritage. In addition to SHKS’s experience providing architectural services and managing public projects, SHKS provides design expertise including interior design services. SHKS Architects is a regional leader in sustaining heritage through building reuse.

Our expertise includes master planning, needs and facilities assessments, site selection and feasibility studies, programming, and architectural design for renovations, additions, and new buildings to transform existing facilities and provide for 21st century community needs.

Adam Hutschreider, AIA, LEED AP, Associate DBIA

Originally from Missouri, Adam received his Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University and moved to the great Pacific Northwest. His professional experience consists of higher education institutions, custom residential, adaptive reuse as well as technically complex commercial buildings. He brings a passion for building reuse and waste reduction to each project by finding ways to salvage materials for new functions. In his free time, he is remodeling his 1916 Craftsman home but also enjoys travelling, photography, and dining at new restaurants.

Anastasia Gaddis

Andreas Baatz

Andreas brings a wide range of interests and talents to SHKS, centered on material studies, daylighting, and the development of community spaces. He joined SHKS after receiving a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Washington, building on undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Community, Environment, and Planning.

Andy Wiselogle

Andy received degrees from the University of Washington in Economics and Art History, with a focus on architectural criticism. He has provided communications and business development guidance within the Pacific Northwest’s design community for more than 10 years, with an emphasis on developing relationships with educational, civic, and commercial institutions in the region. His interests in the field include the intersection of environmentally sustainable strategies and the built environment as well as opportunities for further progress in responsive design through the creation of expanded partnerships between local, national, and international entities. In his time outside of the office, Andy enjoys reading, running, and traveling to new places in the US and abroad.

Brad Hutchinson

Carolyn LeCompte, AIA

Originally from Cincinnati, Carolyn moved to the northwest upon receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Miami University. During her graduate studies at the Unversity of Washington, she focused on her passion for graphics and architectural representation. She spent several months of her graduate experience living abroad and studying architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After completing her Master of Architecture thesis, she worked on single-family and multi-family residential projects before transitioning into public work. She loves to travel, discover new music, and attend trivia nights.

Cassidy Zimmerman, AIA

A 2005 graduate of the University of Washington’s Master of Architecture program and PHIUS certified Passive House Consultant, Cassidy’s experience includes higher education buildings, fire stations, convention centers, zoo exhibits, with a focus on residential projects. He finds inspiration in the modern vernacular buildings of Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple, the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and humor. He is interested in furniture design, sketching, pop culture, and food, but his passion of late outside of the office is boardgames, including painting miniatures and playing pieces.

David Curran, AIA, LEED AP

David is the firm’s leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and digital design practices. A skilled architect, he is drawn to the art of making whether in architecture, carpentry, painting, landscaping or gardening. He brings diverse skills and experience to a range of residential and institutional projects. When he’s not working, he unwinds by free-riding on his mountain bike.

David Strauss, PhD, AIA, LEED AP, Associate DBIA

David focuses on public places, resource conservation, and building reuse. The relationships in architecture between the imagined, the concrete, and the contingent are fascinations. David has led designs of the Ferndale Library, Magnolia Library, Seattle Fire Stations 8 and 18, the UW Suzzallo Library Renovation, and the Bellingham Federal Building Renovation. He is an affiliate assistant professor in UW’s Department of Architecture, a past president of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, and a board member of the Seattle Public Library Foundation.

Edward Snow

Growing up in places such as Alaska, mid-coast Maine, and the greater Seattle area, Eddie has developed a great affection for the natural environment. He studied architecture at Montana State University where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. His belief that the collaboration between simple form and the natural environment inspires exploration and creativity comes from his love of the outdoors. His background in various building trades further influenced his passion for the construction process and affirmed his belief that the architectural experience is one that involves all of the senses. Outside of the office Eddie enjoys skiing, photography, and exploring the PNW with his wife, sons, and their black lab Zoe.

Emily Andrews, AIA

Emily joined SHKS in early 2020 with a diverse portfolio of experience ranging from custom lake retreats to complex YMCA additions, having handled various roles and project types at any given time. Her design ethos is centered on creating environments that speak to its context and inhabitants, reflecting the current conditions of modern society. With architecture degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and University of Washington, she formed a deep appreciation for problem solving through collaboration, strengthening her ability to articulate ideas and concepts to both clients and consultants. Recently, her attention to detail is helping drive the renovation of the former Pyramid Brewery and Restaurant to completion.

Fiona Cahill, AIA

After earning Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design degrees from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Fiona made her way to the Pacific Northwest via Berkeley, California, where she practiced urban planning and design. Her time spent working with the community and previous travels to Europe and Asia drive her desire to design thoughtful, user-oriented experiences. In her free time, she enjoys ultimate frisbee, cooking, and biking downhill.

Grady Foster

Raised in Denver, Colorado, Grady earned her master’s degree in architecture from the University of Washington where she had the opportunity to study in Mexico City and Copenhagen, exploring urban design and housing principles. Both cities influenced her passion for cultivating spaces to gather, play, and rest, that strengthen and support community needs. Outside of the office, Grady likes to spend her time outdoors or trying her best to shred Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ (it’s not going well).

Hootan Ahranjani

Growing up in Germany, trained as an architect, earning a master’s degree in architecture from the Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Hootan was fortunate to live on three different continents, travel around the globe, and practice architecture in Europe and the US, which helped him capture the spirit and culture of a place, the aspirations of its inhabitants, understand and approach design from multiple perspectives, and develop strong design, communication, and creative problem-solving skills. He brings enthusiasm, positive energy, and a prolific diverse portfolio of international work experience of varied types & scales ranging from high-end mixed-use residential, commercial, hospitality to affordable housing, adaptive reuse, workplace, data centers, and multi-story high-rise developments. With a trained eye for aesthetic, attention to details, a genuine zeal for both exterior and interior design, and the innate desire to produce quality meaningful work, Hootan is passionate about design and beautiful architecture, and is highly motivated about working collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams to help create thoughtfully crafted, elegantly detailed, sustainable, functional, and high-performing places that benefit human and ecological well-being.

Jerad Allen

Jerad first arrived at SHKS looking forward to a more consistent and professional environment after
spending four years managing a bustling and complex retail store. Following some exciting, though
often stressful years working for a cult leader, corralling employees, and juggling multiple hats, they’ve
been overseeing office operations since the pre-pandemic era. The most thrilling thing about Jerad is
actually their wiener dog Ochoco.

Jonathan Hartung, AIA

During his thirty-five years of architectural practice, Jonathan has led numerous institutional, commercial and residential projects. Through his emphasis on responsive project management, thoughtful design, and clear, concise documentation, Jonathan strives for innovative, technically sound projects that meet design, schedule and budget goals Jonathan is an effective team-leader who believes in the power of teams working together to accomplish shared goals. He is a fellow of the Northwest Institute for Architecture and Urban Study and is particularly inspired by the nuanced work of Carlo Scarpa at the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona. Jonathan is a member of several professional organizations, including the AIA and the Association for Preservation Technology. Jonathan’s community service work includes service on the Green Lake Rowing Advisory Council as a Board member and President. Jonathan is a former President of the Board of Directors of the Associate Recreation Council of Seattle (ARC), a non-profit in partnership with the Seattle Park and Recreation Department. ARC delivers programs, classes, and activities at over fifty sites across the City of Seattle serving youth and adults in every community and neighborhood of the city.

Jordan Inman, AIA

After graduating from Ball State University, Jordan left his home state of Indiana to earn a graduate degree in architecture at the University of Washington. He was fortunate to study abroad in Rome, travelling to over thirty European cities and reveling in the chance to experience the works of his favorite architect, Carlo Scarpa. These travels dramatically influenced his design sensibilities, cultivating his passion for well-designed public spaces and civic architecture. Outside of the office, Jordan enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with his wife and two dogs, listening to music, and reading non-fiction books.

Kelly Holman

Kelly began her architectural studies at Portland State University and continued at the University of Washington where she received her MArch. Through her graduate studies, she worked as a local cabinetmaker and spent two summers studying furniture design in Denmark. Her professional work has focused on the reuse of buildings, ranging from technical remediation to the adaptive reuse of historic structures and the renovation of commercial buildings to higher risk facilities. In addition to extending the life of buildings, she finds joy in collaboration and building relationships within a project team. She also enjoys exploring Seattle’s parks, time in the Palouse and any opportunity to creatively collaborate with her family.

Kim Lusk

Kim grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Washington. As a former dancer and choreographer, she has a knack for understanding how people move through their environment. Her work in the arts has also led to a deep passion for community art, public spaces, and non-profit organizations.

Levi Jette, AIA

After graduating with a Masters in Architecture from RISD in 2012, Levi spent several years hiking and designing out of Boulder, Colorado before moving back to his home state of Washington in 2016. He has experience in new and renovated homes, multifamily housing, transit stations, breweries, commercial interiors, volunteer installations, and even bamboo structures. He continues to seek new and unique experiences to influence his architectural practice by renovating his own home, playing convoluted board games, and traveling with his family and friends.

Matt Frantz, Associate AIA

Originally from California, Matt came to the Pacific Northwest to earn a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Washington. While in graduate school, he pursued a dynamic course work that investigated the connections between historic buildings, adaptive reuse, and the impacts of buildings on climate change. This course work has greatly informed his view of the practice of architecture today and in the future. In his spare time, Matt loves exploring new coffee shops, bakeries, and patisseries around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Matt Hamel, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Matt’s passion for preservation springs from the desire to instill a sense of stewardship and history’s resonance in sustainable, vibrant designs through their tangible connection with the particularities of a place. He thrives on synthesizing technological and old-world solutions for planning and restoring historic structures, engaging and learning from clients, consultants and craftspeople, and perpetuating the continuum of a site or building’s story for future generations. The projects Matt enjoys the most involve working with a collaborative team of designers and builders toward a common goal of rich, elegant, and enduring spaces and uses.

Matt Inpanbutr, AIA, LEED AP, Associate DBIA

Matt is a graduate from the University of Illinois-Chicago School of Architecture and studied at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Versailles, France. His technical, communication, and design skills are universally recognized and appreciated by coworkers, clients, and contractors. A natural problem solver, Matt strives to find simple, elegant solutions to complex problems.

Michael Housley, AIA

Raised in the embrace of the Appalachian Valley, Michael graduated top in his class from the University of Tennessee’s College of Architecture and Design, receiving the AIA Henry Adams Medal and the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. Balancing his undergraduate studies with the renovation of an overgrown 1923 bungalow offered an exploration in merging historical character with contemporary convenience. Michael derives inspiration from dwelling in nature’s simple, restorative tranquility, and voicing lyrical expression within the repertoire of Chopin and Rachmaninoff.

Negar Amini

Originally from Iran, Negar moved to Seattle after earning her master’s degree in architecture from University of North Carolina in Charlotte, which created a passion in her for appreciation of digital architecture and pursuing radical ways of looking to architecture as an interdisciplinary practice. She sees visualization and presentation as a way for exploring the architecture as well. Getting a master’s degree in landscape architecture in Iran, made a foundation for her to understand context. form and space along with each other. She enjoys checking out projects of her favorite architects like Thom Mayne while traveling. Outside of office, she has an obsession for arts, reading about history, social equity, exploring the unique nature of Pacific Northwest and going to the gym.

Nelson Martelle, AIA, LEED AP

Nelson received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Washington and also holds a degree in Architecture and Art History from Middlebury College in Vermont. Nelson’s range of experiences includes technically challenging residential, commercial, and public projects. Having also worked as a carpenter, he appreciates finding new uses for old things as well as making functional, well-crafted objects. Reinforcing SHKS’s adoption of the AIA’s 2030 Commitment challenge, Nelson’s interests and research include net-zero energy construction and ways in which to incorporate these features into his projects.

Pia Westen, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Associate DBIA

Pia graduated from the University of Kansas with a Master of Architecture degree and an appreciation for all things Dan Rockhill. Her recent experience with Studio 804, a not-for-profit design-build studio out of Kansas, has deepened her understanding of the interdisciplinary relationship between design and construction, and the ways method, time, and cost affect all levels of design. Outside the office, she can be found on the tennis court, sailing the sound with her family, or playing the cello when hiding from the rain.

Sean Kelly, AIA

A 2013 graduate of the University of Washington’s Master of Architecture program, with undergraduate degrees in Architectural Studies and Construction Management, Sean champions a multi-disciplinary, craft-based, and humanistic approach to architecture. As a native north-westerner, his reverence for natural light, honest materials, spatial variation, and social/ecological preservation stems from countless hours hiking, snowboarding, and camping throughout the Cascade Mountain Range. He sees architecture as a dialectical conversation: between new and old, digital and analog, praxis and theory. Simple, elegant, and multi-functional solutions are the goal.

Stephen Trigueiro, AIA

Local to the Seattle area, Stephen has a fondness for projects that extend the legacy of the city and provide responsibly for its growth. A recent addition to the SHKS team, his portfolio includes complex commercial projects as well as large-scale master planning with extensive natural systems integration. He studied architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Washington, where he received both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. This background has afforded him the ability to work flexibly between scales during the design process. Outside the office Stephen can be found teaching interdisciplinary design studios at the University, surfing, cycling, and maintaining his geriatric sage green Volvo.

Suzanne Kraus, AIA

Suzanne grew up in the greater Seattle area and studied art and literature at the University of Washington before receiving her Master of Architecture degree from the University of British Columbia in 2015. She is inspired by tactile materials, color, and light, and draws upon design sensibilities fostered by her experience living abroad and studying architecture in Tokyo during the course of her graduate degree. Outside of the office Suzanne is an avid reader, an adventurous traveler, and a creative home chef.

Theresa Freeman

Theresa has spent the past 27 years as a designer working primarily on residential and public projects, with an emphasis on interiors, lighting and furnishings. She believes in continually challenging herself to grow intellectually, emotionally, and physically, and is energized by her work, by being active outdoors, and by her connections with family and community. A positive and motivating force within the office, her influence reaches beyond SHKS through her off-hours work as a fitness instructor.


Stewardship is sustainability

Every project is an opportunity for thoughtfulness toward all moments in a building’s lifespan, including conservation of existing materials and consideration of the building’s future impact. Being good stewards of the environment is essential to us, and we express that value via careful attention to both ecological outcomes and cultural significance.


Progress favors the adaptable

Improvisation is an underrated architectural skill. Oftentimes (especially when working with older buildings) our inventiveness, resourcefulness, and knowledge of craft become valuable tools in formulating clever solutions to inevitable surprises. Adaptable, efficient responses to new information are something we’re proud of doing well.


Elevate the invisible

Engaged caretaking of a structure involves attention to—and mastery of—the deeply technical, functional elements of building. This vital aspect of good architecture isn’t always evident to the eye, despite such systems-thinking playing a significant role in improving performance and longevity. We consider the visible and invisible parts of our work to be equally important.

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We all work for the building

The interests of a building and its site are the uniting concept in our studio. As a result, we’ve built an intentionally low-ego practice with explicit room for many voices to be heard—believing that useful ideas proliferate in a collegial, convivial, and open-minded culture.

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Play is part of work

When we can be ourselves—spirited, passionate, curious, funny, human—it gives us the ability to offer more of ourselves to our work, our co-workers and collaborators, and our clients. Architecture is, at its best, an act of play; we don’t just acknowledge that, we embrace play and bring it to the forefront.